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Mindful Living
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The art of being present in the moment, with awareness, non-judgmentally


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Mindfulness is awareness cultivated by paying attention, on purpose, in the present moment, non-judgmentally.

What is Mindfulness


Jon Kabat Zinn said : "The real meditation practice is how we live our lives from moment to moment. to moment" For me it is mindful living.

Therapy and coaching can help improve our relationship with ourselves, others and the environment we live in.

Why Practice Mindfulness?


People seek therapy and coaching  to deal with anxiety, depression, insomnia, heart ache after a breakup

Other come for chronic pain, hypertension, and sedentary life.

Some say I am overwhelmed, other say I am stressed…

Indeed the majority of participants come for stress reduction and finding an ease of living.

Some just want to be happier. 

I am glad you are here in this moment, 

becoming aware of the present moment experience.

When is Mindfulness Experienced?


In the present moment.

Where are we most of the time?

We could be lost in thoughts with a busy mind rehashing the past or ruminating about the future.

Or going through motion on auto pilot, on whatever we are doing in that moment, eating, watching TV, talking,  driving…Mindful therapy and coaching can help you

live life as it unfolds moment by moment.

Qualities of the Mind


We can enlist qualities of the mind that strengthen and support mindful living like acceptance, curiosity, kindness, non-striving, letting go/letting be, patience, trust, gratitude, generosity and humor. Therapy and coaching can help cultivate them as we cultivate a garden. 


Neuroplasticity is the blanket term used to describe how the brain changes based on our experiences.

Neuroplasticity is the blanket term used to describe how the brain changes based on our experiences including our mental habits, behaviors, even physical injury. Cells that fire together wire together - this is why a daily mindfulness practice is recommended. Through therapy and coaching you can create new habits and behaviors.



The research literature for mindfulness is expansive and growing every year. Mindfulness supports health and health related behaviors, predicts positive response to aging, can be  a buffer  again negative outcomes of chronic pain,  lower stress level, anxiety and shame, decreases depression. Through therapy and coaching you will discover the art of mindful living.


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